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And The Winner Is…..?

ISTT Awards

And the winner is……?

You may remember only a few months ago that Catsurveys were shortlisted for the United Kingdom Society of Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) award for Innovation, it was a fantastic night for everyone who attended but unfortunately on that occasion despite our best efforts we only managed 2nd place, an amazing effort which we were extremely proud of! However... We are Catsurveys and those of you who know us know that we always come back bigger, better and somewhat crazier than before.

Fortunately for us our 2nd place entry secured us a place in arguably one of the most prestigious awards globally within the industry, the International Society of Trenchless Technology (ISTT) award for best product. Entering our Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR) as our potential winner for the second time we were invited to attend the 32nd annual International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition being held In Madrid on the 14th October 2014 where the award winners would be announced. With the international society comprising of over 33 nation members we knew that this would be no easy feat to achieve, especially as we were still reeling from being a runners up position in the UK.

None the less on Tuesday morning 9 of us set out bright and early at the ungodly hour of 4am for our flight out of Stansted, James our office administrator was clearly a little upset he couldn’t make the journey so decided to punish us all by booking us a 6:30am flight…

He did redeem himself somewhat when we found out he had got us extra legroom though!

Usually, I would write about the flight over to Madrid but I was sleeping so it would be a pretty boring read…..at least I was trying too anyway….Every time I nodded off Mr Brown would give me a swift poke to the ribs and then him and a guy the opposite side of me would have a laugh together.

Flight over; we thought it would be nice to explore the city and find out what Spain’s largest city had to offer, after 4 hours of trekking around the capital I found it to be one of the most picturesque places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

This soon changed as we begun our exploration in the only way we know how………by drinking, a few of us found ourselves at a small market in the centre of the city which is where things started to take a bit of a weird turn and we soon were enjoying the most expensive meat I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating…… Managed to get on a TV show being filmed (Whether we was meant to is a different story)…… and in true drunken form Tamas bought an entire Pork leg weighing nearly 9kg with the reason behind it being “It’s an Investment” unfortunately for him his investment was a lot heavier than the pint of beer he had been carrying previously, he would have to carry this around for the rest of the day as if he was some kind of Neanderthal that had just caught his first meal…. even the locals were giving him weird looks.

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