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Catsurveys 3D Utility Survey – Dartford Crossing Free-Flow Tolling Project

Catsurveys have been busy behind the scenes, aiding in the development of the Dartford Crossing Free-Flow Tolling Project, conducting a 3D utility survey using a combination of traditional techniques and our Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR) for Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK (BBCSUK). Working towards PAS 128 Catsurveys created a 3D BIM deliverable that was cross-checked with BBCSUK design data, to carry out a clash detection analysis. By having a 3D representation of the underground infrastructure allowed design changes to be made prior to any intrusive works being carried out.

Commuters are now experiencing the benefits of the new payment system of the Dartford Crossing which came into force on Sunday 30th November, with elimination of the toll booths on the Kent side of the crossing. This project will improve traffic flow by eliminating the need for motorists to stop at the toll booths between Kent and Essex, helping to ease heavy congestion which has caused misery to drivers for years, with the use of an automatic number plate recognition system now in place.

Great savings from the Dartford free-flowing system can be made by setting up a Dart Charge pre-pay account, this enables you to save up to a third on each crossing, plus residents living in the Thurrock or Dartford council tax zones can apply for a substantial resident discount too. The full benefits of the Dart Charge scheme will be delivered at the end of April 2015, when all the changes to the road layout and tunnel entrance changes will be complete.

Payments can be made online at gov.uk/dart-charge, by phone on 0300 300 0120, Payzone retail terminals or by post in advance to your journey and up to midnight the following day after your journey.

Catsurveys are proud to have been involved in the Dart Charge project, bringing congestion relief to millions of commuters every year.

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