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Catsurveys Annual Company Meeting, 22nd June 2017, Brentwood Essex.

Here at Catsurveys, we are constantly striving to create an uplifting and nurturing culture for our team, which empowers us to deliver the outstanding service that our customers have come to know and expect. As part of this, we recently held our annual company meeting, presenting an opportunity for our staff to come together and celebrate the years’ achievements, as well as setting goals for the year ahead.

With the whole company present, this years’ annual company meeting was a resounding success, with members representing each area of the Catsurveys team presenting a series of technical and factual presentations outlining completed and upcoming projects, introducing their role and responsibilities and describing what they had learnt along the way. This is a great opportunity for team-building, as well as offering a chance for our staff to take pride in their work and showcase some of their outstanding projects.

During the meeting, senior management also gave a summary of the years’ achievements and failures against the years’ objectives, highlighting the hard work of our team while setting goals for the year ahead based on potential areas for improvement.

Team activities and challenges:

Throughout the day, our team were assigned mixed groups and set a series of challenges, consisting of two main tasks, Magic Crane and Scrap Tower.

In the Magic Crane challenge, each team member holds their hands straight in front of them, making contact with every hand. The challenge is then to lower the cane to the ground whilst maintaining eye contact. While this might sound simple, it wasn’t as, naturally, each member raised their hands and the cane. As the team quickly discovered, the key to success is careful communication and teamwork, working together to communicate their actions and coordinate a move together that would result in their success.

For the Scrap Tower challenge, the teams had to build the tallest tower they could, but only using the materials provided. With just 2 rolls of Sellotape, 3 sheets of A3 paper and a newspaper, they had to construct a free-standing tower that could suspend a tennis ball for ten seconds as high as possible. This provided some brilliant results, as the pictures show, our outstanding engineers worked to make the most of the limited resources to create the most efficient, stable and tallest tower.

We’re incredibly proud of every member of our team for their hard work and dedication over the years, and we look forward to another year of outstanding work and another fantastic company meeting next year, featuring a new range of interesting and unique challenges and practical team-building activities.

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