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Catsurveys Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Catsurveys are joining in with Christmas Jumper Day, a day when we get together, put on our silly knits and generously donate to ‘Save the Children’. Monies raised by Catsurveys goes towards solving some very serious problems around the world and saving children’s lives.

‘Save the Children’ is fantastic and fun way to raising money for a worthy cause. It enables children from Surkhet district, mid-Western Nepal to be educated about the dangers of child marriage, along with healthcare education, protection and food to be distributed to millions of children around the world. Sadly millions of children will die before their 5th birthday due to preventable diseases like pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea. With the support of ‘Save the Children’ many get the chance to survive, thanks to the support they receive.

Get involved and generous donate today: Save the Children-Christmas Jumper Day.

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