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Catsurveys Going Global! Dubai 2015

Off the back of Catsurveys international success of 2014, which saw us exhibit outside of the UK for the first time at InterGEO held in Berlin, and picking up our first international award for Best product Innovation with our Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR)

This month a three of Catsurveys elite comprising of Janos, Luke and Reka, traded the UK’s less than impressive weather, overcrowded tubes and of our pleasant Brentwood offices to fly halfway around the world to a city that over the years has seen some of the fastest infrastructure and economical growths of the past 25 years. Dubai!


Dubai 1991


Dubai 2015

This year Dubai played host to the 9th International Society of Trenchless Technology (ISTT) No Dig Conference and Exhibition, a platform in which companies can showcase and reveal their newest and innovative technologies to the utility and surveying industries.

The exhibition took place in one of Dubai’s most prominent and exclusive hotels the Jumeirah, a world away from the travel lodges we have become so accustomed to back in the UK


After confirmation of our attendance at this year’s No Dig Dubai event was approved, the countdown begun for the various departments and personnel involved with ensuring the smooth running of our international endeavor.

This was the first time Catsurveys had gone abroad to exhibit at an international show where there wasn’t the ability to drive to the country directly from the UK, we were in new territory and despite the excitement, we knew we would have to overcome new obstacles that we would not normally encounter when exhibiting in the UK.

First of all…. LOGISTICS!

Our stand, promotional material, TV and all the additional bits and pieces that we would traditionally pack into one of our hybrid vehicles back in the UK to transport to and from shows now had to be packaged and shipped 3 months prior to our exhibition, something that we historically would leave till 5pm the night before the date of the show (we know we know… don’t judge us) on this occasion however we had way too much to lose, one forgotten bolt or TV remote and our stand wouldn’t have had quite the appeal it normally emanates.

So... after packing then unpacking to recheck what we just packed 50 times over (possibly a slight exaggeration there) we finally had our box filled, sealed and ready for its 4,792 mile trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) largest city Dubai.

Although it was just a wooden box and the fact it would be over 3 months before anyone would actually be travelling to Dubai for us it was officially the start of Catsurveys Middle Eastern adventure.

The relief felt after finally sending the box on its travels was short-lived as Janos Dobsi, Catsurveys Managing Director was offered the unique opportunity to present to a large audience of delegates at the No-Dig Dubai Show on the subject of ‘Integration of Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar into current Survey Processes’ an opportunity that those who know Janos would know that he was never going to turn down.


Work began on creating one of our most intuitive presentations to date, incorporating newly designed videos, data and techniques to provide our audience with an in-depth visual to aid the delegates understanding of Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR) and its many benefits.


A very key and important task whenever exhibiting or venturing somewhere new is to make the effort to research and understand the cultures, beliefs and traditions of the country you are visiting. Dubai was no exception, with those travelling making the conscious decision to learn how to professionally and respectfully engage with the locals.

After 3 months of hard work ensuring everything would go smoothly for the show, the team finally jetted off on the 7th March to represent the company on Catsurveys first trip to the Middle East.

Awaiting them was 30 degree heat, stunning views, modern architecture that defies the laws of physics and last but by no means least... THE BOX!


Our little box of exhibition essentials had completed its mammoth journey without falling off the back of a ship or getting lost somewhere at a shipping port. We lost sleep over this sort of thing happening and so you can understand the relief at seeing our box safely deposited in our stand and not at the bottom of the sea.


The team then had the laborious task of unloading the entire exhibition box and setting up the stand ready for the start of the show the following day!DubaiAmazingly after just a few hours it was ready! The team had managed to transform the box into a professional-looking stand.



After dinner and some well-deserved rest, the team were up bright and early the following morning ready for the start of No Dig Dubai 2015.


In case you were wondering all those plates were for Luke! (I hope he doesn’t read these blogs)


Surprisingly they even managed to scrub up quite nicely too… a little bit too hot for a full suit though I think!Dubai

Janos had his presentation on day 2 of the show, I’m pleased to say it went without a hitch and was met with some great feedback from all the delegates who came to watch. Below are a few snippets from the presentation.




The 2-day event was a huge success seeing hundreds of delegates visiting from around the world, we were fortunate enough to meet some interesting and influential people and believe that some important relationships have been built in our short visit to the city.

We are certain that this will not be our last visit to the UAE and have already started to discuss Catsurveys' future vision and plans for the Middle East.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the trip both internally at Catsurveys whom without their hard work and ongoing commitment it would not have been such a success, and to the team at Westrade who organised the entire event, as always it was a pleasure to work with such a professional company.

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