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International Childhood Cancer Day – 15th February 2016

Catsurveys are supporting International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th February 2016. This is a global collaborative campaign to help raise awareness about childhood cancer along with the devastation it causes. Based on current limited statistics, one child every three minutes dies of cancer; these chilling statistics could be dramatically reduced if every child and adolescent was given the best treatment and care they deserve, with proper diagnosis at the earliest opportunity.

It is a sad reality that children across the world are not treated equally when it comes to care and treatment for cancer, due to lack of funds invested. Effective treatments for certain types of cancer do not yet exist in many low and middle income countries, with low income countries only managing a survival rate of 10-20%, while high income countries survival rate can be as high as 80-90%.

One Unified Message – Our Ultimate Goal: “Better access to care for children & adolescents with cancer everywhere” – International Childhood Cancer Day

Children of today are our future; let’s unite and to help change these statistics for a brighter future.

International Childhood Cancer Day

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