We understand the responsible business approach to engaging with our local community and offering support in areas in which we can make a difference. Through our membership of the Business in The Community (BiTC) network this has broadened our perspective on the positive impacts that we can have not only in and around our Head Office location but how we can get involved with our clients drive for community investment in their projects.

At Catsurveys we run a 'Give and Gain Day' program which gives our staff the opportunity to take one day out of the year to volunteer for a local charity and still receive a full days wage. To make positive changes to the community we have secured ongoing partnerships with local community volunteering groups which provides us and our Team with an active platform to engage at a local level.

  • Brentwood Sensory Garden - provides opportunities for people with disabilities and sensory impairments.
  • Hopefield Animal Sanctuary – Rehabilitation treatment centre for abandoned animals.
  • Weald Country Park – Volunteer conservation and park maintenance projects.

The program has been designed with all ages and abilities in mind and offers a range of activities suitable for these needs. The Give and Gain Day program is more than a volunteering day. The drive behind this initiative is to align Catsurveys with our community, building trust and relationships whilst positively improving it.

We also have a close association with local colleges as part of their STEM programs in aiding where practicable in initiatives to help the future generations growth into full time placement. We also promote our Team to engage in a charitable venture of their own choosing by supporting a day’s paid charity work per annum so that they are provided with our support to offer their time.