We provide the Telecommunications sector with world-class survey data.

We have been carrying out nationwide surveying services in the Telecommunications sector for over 5 years. Our experience and tailored approach allow us to provide the highest quality service with the best possible deliverable.

Our specialist Managed Solutions department was formed to carry out proofing surveys of Openreach cabinet locations to aid in the rollout of high-speed broadband across the country. Using some of the most innovative data transfer technology available, our on-site operatives are able to instantly send survey data back to the office from anywhere in the UK ready for processing. This allows for increased productivity and a large reduction in our carbon footprint.

The Managed Solutions department have now evolved into undertaking full FTTP surveys both logical and intrusive to provide our clients with the most accurate results from the field to build a rural / Fibre city PON scheme to an exact cost back to their client(s). Catsurveys are utilising the latest technology in the market place along with partner systems to deliver cost effective, accurate returns for a future proof full fibre network.


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