Geomatics examines the relationship between natural, built, social and economic environments. We combine Topographical, GNSS and Laser scanning technology to provide a complete solution to your site requirements. All of our Geomatic Land Surveyors are degree qualified and CSCS approved. We use the latest technology to help maintain high efficiency and workflow to deliver results to our clients quickly and accurately.

Our Geomatics department supports our Utilities and Geotechnical teams. They offer a wide range of surveying and consultancy services to Local Authorities, Civil Engineering/Building Contractors and various Major Utility Providers.

Using some of the latest technology available to the surveying industry, we carry out a large range of Surveying services, from Topographical Surveys, Utility and Laser Scanning and are able to incorporate all data to produce both above and below-ground BIM models.

Topographical Surveys

Our Topographical survey service includes Land surveys, utility surveys, high detail substation surveys, rail and highway layouts. These surveys are used for design, cost management and asset management. All data is processed and delivered in our award winning ‘Intelligent’ document format to provide a geomatic overview.

Setting Out in Geomatics

Working alone or in partnership our teams have a wealth of experience to help set up, assist you with and give that final push to your project. We always use the latest technology to achieve your desired results. Our Geomatics tools help to build a complete picture of your project and how feasible it is.

Geomatic Laser Scanning

Our specially trained Laser Scanning team uses the latest Laser Scanning technology in order to produce the highest level of geomatic detail achievable. They work in collaboration with our 3D modelling department to produce high detail 3D and BIM models to incorporate geomatics and physical features combined.

As Built Geomatic Services

Using a range of geomatic surveying techniques and technologies, our teams accurately carry out as-built and as-laid surveys. The teams produce their findings in analysis reports showing all the vital data from the survey.

Utility Recording within Geomatics

Working closely alongside our Utility survey team, our land surveyors accurately record the position of the identified below ground infrastructure. This allows easy integration with topographical survey data and other geomatic information to create a more detailed overall mapping.