Managed Solutions

The Managed Solutions department has been supporting the telecoms industry with world class data solutions since 2013. The dedicated team are experts in delivering complex telecoms asset data that is vital in the design and construction of new telecoms infrastructure.

Our Managed Solutions Department

Initially formed to deliver proofing surveys for new BT cabinet locations, the team continually evolves and innovates to deliver data solutions focused on our client needs.

Combining cutting edge technology with years of specialist knowledge and expertise Catsurveys now offers a range of specialist data solutions that continue to support new infrastructure development in the telecoms industry. Since 2015 the business has been supporting the expansion of the fibre broadband network either directly on behalf of Openreach or providing services to Alternative Network Providers. By the end of 2020 nearly 3 million properties had been surveyed by Catsurveys for a high speed broadband connection.