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Catsurveys attend the 2018 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 

From 7th to 11th January, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Meeting took place at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The 97th Annual Meeting attracted more than 13,000 transportation professionals from around the world. The spotlight theme for the 2018 meeting was Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future.

Across the five-day event more than 5,000 presentations took place, covering all transportation modes and addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions.

Catsurveys’ GPR Manager, Paul Collins, attended the event after being invited to present at a meeting held by 3d-Radar. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to show our GPR use and survey services to many Department of Transport officials, Research Engineers, Practitioners and the Federal Highways Authority. The presentation was well received and as a result our GPR department are beginning to receive requests to be involved in the American Society of Civil Engineers and TRB committees.

“The network of TRB allows us to access thousands of research projects and experts to collaborate with when considering future innovations.” Paul explains, “It will encourage the creation of many new connections and opportunities not just for GPR but our entire organisation. It has changed the way I think about the industry.”


A wealth of knowledge

The scale of the TRB meeting is astounding, with each level of the conference centre encasing a multitude of class rooms, ballrooms and meeting rooms.

There were thousands of presentations, lectern sessions, poster sessions and committee meetings that could be attended over the course of the five-day event. If that wasn’t enough there was also a large exhibition of new equipment and software to visit between sessions.

Some of the key sessions that Paul attended whilst at the event were:

  • Having the data is not enough: Communicating Information to support evidence based decision making
  • Bridging the gap between Non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring
  • New Attendee Orientation – TRB Bootcamp
  • Asphalt pavement cracking: Testing, modelling and prediction for structural pavement design
  • Moisture damage in asphalt pavements: Forensic analysis and research needs
  • Poster Sessions: Testing and evaluation of transportation structures
  • Poster Sessions: Advanced highway design solutions using geospatial technologies
  • Poster Sessions: Moisture and temperature effects on pavement layers
  • Pavement condition Evaluation: Advances in practice
  • Evaluation of structures using non-destructive testing
  • Advancements in deterioration modelling for bridge management
  • Technologies and effective practices to minimise utility impacts during project delivery
  • Utilities Committee Meeting

 “The networking opportunities and exposure during the event is still unfolding but has expanded our horizons. It was interesting to see where we sit in comparison to other companies and GPR users worldwide and has provided us with greater confidence.” Paul explains, “It is important to let our team know that the work we produce really is great. It is not until you present this to others in our industry, that you can see how impressive it really is.”

Catsurveys have now developed strong relationships with various companies that can assist us in the implementation of future plans for our department and the introduction of brand new services. Our relationship with 3d-Radar is now even stronger and our attendance of the event demonstrates our commitment to our industry.

Attending the TRB meeting truly presented a fantastic opportunity for Catsurveys to not only raise our brand awareness, but to expand the knowledge of our GPR department. We are confident that this has been a beneficial stepping stone that can truly accelerate our expansion within GPR.


A department focused on GPR

Catsurveys have recently formed a specialised GPR Department that focus on one sole task, ground penetrating radar. This means that we can ensure that the latest technology, survey acquisition, data analysis and training are considered whilst operating efficiently and safely.

The GPR department recognise that when planning, building or renovating structures and infrastructure, there are countless hazards that require consideration prior to excavation, core drilling and saw cutting. Choosing not to survey before intrusive works can impact on safety performance, project schedule, design and have finance implications.

Our GPR department offers a wide range of surveying and consultancy services to Local Authorities, Civil Engineering, Building Contractors, Major Utility Providers and the Aviation Industry. We carry out small to large scale surveys and can incorporate all data to produce models, reporting and achieve industry specifications.

If you are interested in the GPR services that Catsurveys have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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