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Another fantastic CATFEST!

On Saturday 7th July, we hosted our annual ‘CATFEST’ at the Catsurveys head office in Brentwood. This year’s theme was ‘Music Festival’ and it lived up to expectations! The brief for CATFEST 2018 was to make it bigger and better than previous years, and that target was definitely achieved. Over 200 of Catsurveys staff, family and friends joined us in Brentwood for this fun filled event!

We had a vast range of games and activities for the day, one of the most popular being fairground dodgems! This massive dodgem set up wowed every guest as they entered CATFEST and was a hit of the day. Holding this event each year gives us a fantastic chance to give back to our staff and provide a fun day out for the families of those that make our incredible service possible.


Don't forget the footy!

As we all know, 7th July was an important day for the England football team, but we prepared for this and showed the World Cup game on a big screen at the event. It was very clear when England scored for anyone who wasn’t watching the game, as celebratory cheers filled CATFEST indicating a goal!

All that cheering worked up quite an appetite for our guests, so to satiate rumbling stomachs we had a delicious hog roast ready and waiting. Each year the hog roast is very popular at CATFEST, and this year was no different as a massive queue formed with eager guests waiting for their lunch.


Exclusive celebrity performances

Our guests acted as the celebrities at our musical CATFEST by performing in the karaoke video boothThe Box That Rox’. Guests enter the mobile karaoke booth and perform their chosen in front of a camera that is showing on a big screen to the crowd outside. The Box That Rox was a hit with everyone at CATFEST and had everyone singing along in no time.

Mystical and magical

The arrival of a magical unicorn on the field at 4.00pm grasped everyone’s attention. Our guests could not believe their eyes when a real-life unicorn trotted onto the field, complete with beautiful wings and a multicoloured mane. Children came running over from all areas of the field when they spotted this mystical creature, eagerly waiting to have a ride! After all, what festival would be complete without the appearance of a unicorn?


Other attractions at this year’s CATFEST included a petting zoo, cocktail bar, last man standing, teacup rides, mechanical bull, game stall and much more! It truly was a fantastic event that had everyone in good spirits and enjoying the sunshine.

The music festival theme continued into the evening when a DJ arrived to keep the happy atmosphere going. Our guests danced the night away until taxis arrived, and it was time to go home as CATFEST had ended for another year.

We’re incredibly pleased to have had this opportunity to bring together the friends and family of our hardworking staff, and we hope you all had an incredible time!

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