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On Saturday 6th July, we hosted our annual ‘CATFEST’ at the Catsurveys head office in Brentwood. This year’s theme was ‘Mexican’, which meant we had plenty of nachos, tequila and sombreros! This year, we welcomed over 200 of Catsurveys staff, family and friends to this fun filled event. Holding CATFEST each year gives us a fantastic chance to give back to our staff and provide a fun day out for the families of those that make our incredible service possible.


We had a vast range of games and activities for the day, one of the most popular being fairground dodgems! This massive dodgem set up wowed every guest as they entered CATFEST and was a popular ride with every guest.

A new addition for this year’s CATFEST was a giant zorbing arena! Our guests climbed inside the harnessed bubble zorbs and with their legs free to run around, they could bump, crash, tumble and roll around in the impressive 16m x 10m Bubble Zorb Arena!


To satiate our guests’ rumbling stomachs we had an all-you-can-eat Mexican food stand that was serving unlimited nachos, burritos and fully loaded fries. For refreshment in the heat we had two slushie machines serving blue raspberry and of course margarita flavoured frozen drinks.

Our guests had the opportunity to be a popstar for the day by performing in the karaoke video boothThe Box That Rox’. Guests enter the mobile karaoke booth and perform their chosen in front of a camera that is showing on a big screen to the crowd outside. The Box That Rox was popular with everyone at CATFEST and had the crowd singing along in no time.


Other attractions at this year’s CATFEST included a petting zoo, fully stocked bar, children’s teacup and airplane rides, game stalls and much more! It truly was a fantastic event that had everyone in good spirits and enjoying the sunshine.

Once the sun had set, the Box that Rox transformed into a DJ booth and kept the party atmosphere going. Our guests danced the night away until taxis arrived, and it was time to go home as CATFEST had ended for another year.


We’re incredibly pleased to have had this opportunity to bring together the friends and family of our hardworking staff, and we hope you all had an incredible time!

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