Catsurveys presented first Approved Development Scheme Award from CICES

The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors announced its first Approved Development Scheme (ADS) Awards. The awards were created to raise awareness of the ADS and it’s benefits to companies and employees.

What is the Approved Development Scheme?

The ADS is an agreement between a company and the ICES that defines the training, development and experience that will be made available to a new entrant or established civil engineering surveyor seeking a professional qualification. This is still a new scheme, which is quickly spreading throughout the staff and the company has shown its enthusiasm for becoming more involved in the institution.

Catsurveys have been part of the ADS since June 2017 and it has presented a fantastic opportunity for us to give back to our employees and offer a chance for our staff to take the next big step in their career. Katie Holt, ICES Development Officer, presented Managing Director Janos Dobsi with an official certification at the enrolment event last year, sealing our position as an approved development partner.

Nick Spenceley, General Manager and CICES scheme Mentor said, “This is a great opportunity for all employees within the company, allowing staff to not only progress within their career but to gain a professional membership to the most recognised institution within our industry.”


The Approved Development Scheme Award

The awards were presented to companies from two categories; large (20 or more people on the scheme) and small (under 20 people on the scheme). The award for a company with under 20 people on ADS was presented to Catsurveys for our promotion of ICES and commitment to developing staff. The award for the large ADS has been given to Balfour Beatty, for its committed promotion of ICES competencies.

Catsurveys are proud to be presented with this award as it shows our commitment to the training and development of our staff. We have opened the development scheme to all staff who are interested in taking the next step in their career and progressing toward continual improvement.

Chair of the Education, Professional Development and Membership Committee Steve Jackson said: “These companies have shown exceptional commitment to staff development and promotion of ICES competencies in the past 12 months, and we are keen to recognise their efforts. We are fortunate to have a significant number of companies with ADS, many of whom are showing tremendous commitment to their staff and ICES. It was therefore an extremely challenging proposition to select a winner.” [source]

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