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Catsurveys HSW Golf Challenge Update

Just under a year ago we launched the ‘Catsurveys HSW Golf Challenge’ as part of Catsurveys’ growing Health, Safety and Well-being (HSW) initiatives.

This aim of this initiative was to provide an interactive platform to promote great Health, Safety and Well-being observations about our team members as well as reporting concerns and near misses within the business.

A fantastic improvement

In 2018 we achieved just 7 Positive Action Reports. Our aim for 2019 was to increase our Positive Action Reports from 2018 by 25%.

The final tally for 2019? An amazing 45! This is an increase of 543% which well exceeds our 25% target.

This tells us how much our safety culture has improved over the past year. And to make this achievement even better, the 45 Positive Actions which were reported has meant that Catsurveys have donated a total £225 for 2019 to our charity Mates in Mind.


A new year of Safety behaviour

Each Positive Action Report is recorded by the SHEQ team and disseminated throughout the Catsurveys team for awareness and action as well as updating our progress around the Golf Challenge.

Ultimately, our aims for this initiative are to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all.
  • Recognise our Team members for their Health, Safety and Well-being practices.
  • Provide Mates in Mind financial support whilst achieving our own HSW Challenge.

We are just two weeks into 2020 and we have already had 3 Positive Action Reports which is fantastic.

“The change in the safety behaviour of the Catsurveys team over the past year has been phenomenal. Thanks to the Positive Action Reporting, we have witnessed our team becoming more vigilant and safety conscious, whilst also reporting the positive behaviour that they witness.” Explains Catherine Brewster, Senior SHEQ Administrator.

“We always urge our team to stop works if they feel that the area they are working in is unsafe. Safety is our number one priority at Catsurveys, and our team are truly reinforcing this value. We always ensure we are looking out for not only ourselves but others safety also.”

Congratulations to our team for their positive safety behaviour – keep it up and we will have the HSW Golf Challenge finished in no time!

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