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Road Safety Week 2019: Step up for Safe Streets

This week is Road Safety Week; the biggest annual road safety event in the UK organised by the road safety charity Brake. This year’s theme is ‘Step up for Safe Streets’.

Road Safety is a daily consideration

Road safety plays a very big part in our industry. Our entire team use cars and vans to get to and from work, it is important that we are reminded of the dangers we and others face on the road. Safety, after all, is our number one priority at Catsurveys, and Road Safety Week reinforces this commitment.


What can you do?

We can all Step up for Safe Streets and spread awareness of the measures everyone can take to improve road safety across the UK. Together we want to create a safe and healthy future:

  • Individuals can step up by pledging to use roads safely, minimise vehicle use and shout out for safe system solutions.
  • Schools can help young people step up and learn how to create a safe and healthy future and shout out for change.
  • Organisations can step up their policies and procedures to ensure they choose safe systems solutions.
  • Emergency service professionals can step up to highlight their vital role in helping keep us safe.
  • Policymakers can step up by developing and mandating safe systems solutions.


More information about Brake

Brake is a road safety charity that works to prevent road death and injury, make streets and communities safer, and supports the victims of road crashes.

Brake's vision is a world where people can get around in ways that are safe, green, healthy and fair. To help them achieve this, Brake have created ‘The Brake Pledge’ which calls for people to do everything they can to protect themselves and the people around them.

The Brake Pledge focuses on six key areas of road safety: slow, sober, sharp, silent, secure, sustainable. Everyone can sign the Pledge, whether you are a driver or not.

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