Catsurveys achieve 100% across the board!

We recently had our Achilles audit, and we are extremely pleased to announce that we have achieved the following standards through assessment for Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices and procedures:

Management System Evaluation

Health and Safety 100%
Environment 100%
Quality 100%
Corporate Social Responsibility 100%

Onsite Assessment

Health and Safety 100%
Environment 100%
Quality 100%
Corporate Social Responsibility 100%

Why are audits important?

It is important to identify potential issues, so they can be corrected before problems materialise. If there are any issues, we can formulate and action a corrective plan that demonstrates compliance.

Undergoing an audit each year encourages improvements within our business operations on a regular basis. As part of the audit process, Achilles’ qualified assessors validate everything from on-site accident records to ensuring organisations have a valid corporate social responsibility policy.


This gives our customers peace of mind that we continually have the right documentation and practices in place. Safety is an integral part of every decision that we make at Catsurveys and by doing so ensures that a positive health and safety culture is maintained, and safety behaviours chosen.

Having undergone an audit demonstrates to our external providers that we are committed to carrying out our business activities in an efficient and compliant manner. As a result, relationships with our customers are more positive and successful, making it easier for us to collaborate and deliver services in line with the external providers’ expectations, once again minimising risk, if not eliminating it completely.

Demonstrating our commitment to Health and Safety

Internal research from Achilles shows that after an organisation has undergone four years of our supplier audits, incidents of non-compliance with health and safety legislation decreased by an average of 73 per cent. [source]

Additionally, we know that potential clients are paying attention to organisations’ audit results, especially monitoring that they are improving year on year as they implement continuous improvement plans.

We ensure that that training, instruction and supervision of all our teams is of the highest calibre which allows us to complete our operations to the best quality and in the safest manner practicable.

Through a well managed consultation with our team we ensure that whilst completing works for our clients, it is done so in a safety conscious mind set. This maintains the well being of not only our team, but all interested stakeholders that may be affected.


Environmental impact

As a service provider our own impacts on the environment are small but there are measures that we put in place to ensure that environmental issues are still addressed. Catsurveys work to develop innovative standards which help to protect the environment and support responsible environmental management.

As a minimum we expect our strategic partners to comply with relevant environmental protection legislation and regulation.

Continual Improvement

Catsurveys are a client-focused, performance minded organisation with a commitment to business improvement and innovation. We help our clients embed a culture of continual improvement and be at the forefront of management best practice.

We cultivate expertise and excellence in how we operate and the services we offer. We help our clients to perform better, innovate for their future growth, and create lasting value.

Now that we have achieved 100% across the board on our Achilles audit, we will continue to maintain this score and remain completely compliant. Click here to view our certificate.

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