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Employee of the Month for March

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for March; Istvan Kreacsik! Istvan is a Project Manager at Catsurveys and was nominated by his colleagues for going above and beyond.

“I would like to nominate Istvan for his constant detailed management of the Heathrow projects and the commitment he put in to keep all of the teams happy and up to date with the constant changes that happen each week.

Istvan is also committed to supplying the SMT and commercial team with KPIs each month and still keeps an eye on other projects (that he may not be the Project Manager for) to ensure that they are on schedule for the delivery dates agreed. ”Nomination for Istvan Kreacsik

What was your first thought when you were announced as the winner?
I was not expecting to be the winner at all… I have been nominated in the last couple of months every month which I really appreciate, but I never expect to be the winner as I am not really the “good cop” type of guy and to be brutally honest I do not like to see managers on the shortlist, it is our job to keep supporting teams to the best of our capabilities and work hard so the teams can be successful and our clients satisfied.

Did you have a ‘thank you’ speech prepared?
For the Oscars I have a speech prepared, yes… for this one, I had not… and I believe that came across clearly!

What does it mean to you to be awarded Employee of the Month?
It feels good to have recognition in any shape or form and it always boosts the morale no matter how and where you got it from, may it be from an individual over the phone during a 1 to 1 conversation or this award… this is what keeps us going as without small achievements and recognition on the way, we would burn out in tough times like this. Little things make big differences.

Are you going to treat yourself with the ‘prize’ money?
It is going straight into my flat budget and will probably materialise in a shape of a new furniture.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would really like to encourage everyone to use this platform to nominate fellow colleagues and highlight achievements that others may not be aware of. In my opinion, everyone has something why he/she should be on this list, but its only going to happen if we nominate.

Congratulations again to Istvan for his win, and well done to all the other nominees for March's Employee of the Month!

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