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Helping the next generation learn about Surveying!

No doubt you have seen ‘Get Kids into Survey’ all over social media, promoting their mission to generate interest in surveying as a career while kids are still in school!

This is such a fantastic cause, and to show our support Catsurveys sponsored the Civil Engineering Poster shown below:


There are many other posters covering areas such as Forestry and Mining, with new posters being released every couple of months!

What is ‘Get Kids into Survey’?

Get Kids into Survey’ are helping to build awareness of the profession and its future by producing fun and interactive educational tools that can be utilised in classrooms!

“I’m on a mission – to raise standards and get young people into the surveying industry”Elaine Ball

Over 85% of UK surveyors said they have problems recruiting due to a lack of qualified applicants (RICS, 2015). We can help to combat this is by introducing surveying as a career early on - and raising awareness in schools is key!

Order your free poster today!

All ‘Get Kids into Survey’ posters are completely free - you just pay for postage! So, what are you waiting for? Order yours here today:

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