Huge success at GPR Department Launch Event

The GPR Department Launch Event took place on Wednesday 28th March at the Catsurveys head office in Great Warley, Essex. This event allowed us to introduce our extensive GPR services to a small number of key clients. With this new department, we can confidently accept the steady flow of GPR survey requirements that are coming our way, whilst still ensuring the work is completed to the Catsurveys standard.

Although everyone had their fingers crossed for a sunny day, unfortunately we got plenty of rain! With a gazebo set up outside and the biscuits and coffee waiting, guests started to arrive from 9.30am, and were gratefully welcomed to our offices with a Catsurveys umbrella in hand.

Welcome to the GPR Department

After a short networking period in the morning, the event officially began with a welcome from Janos Dobsi, Managing Director. Janos introduced the company and gave a brief overview of our history and the steady growth that has led to this expansion of the GPR Department.

Janos then handed the reigns over to Paul Collins, GPR Department Manager, who introduced the GPR team and explained the exciting technologies and services that we have to offer.

"Our GPR Department has been created to focus and expand on the possibilities of the technique.” Explains Paul. “We have a great team of enthusiastic surveyors that are expanding our services to include utility, pavement, bridge deck and internal applications to meet our client’s needs. I am delighted to be part of the Department and look forward to seeing its success.”


GPR Equipment Demonstrations

The morning session consisted of several group demonstrations of GPR equipment and technology. It appeared that our guests were impressed by the equipment we have available, including our Ultra-Wideband Width Ground Penetrating Radar from 3d-Radar.

We also had representatives from Proceq, SCCS and Allied Associates who demonstrated their products to our guests. Everyone seemed very interested in the variety of equipment that is available and the extensive data that they produce.


Post Processing and Deliverables

In the afternoon, guests were invited to view a short presentation by Paul on our post processing and deliverables. Paul presented the software we use and gave some example data that we had collected. He demonstrated how quickly we can process the data as well as the extent of the information that is given to the customer.

There were many questions asked during this session, with each guest seeming to be impressed by the information the GPR Department can provide.

Catsurveys are offering on-site demonstration of our products and services following the GPR Department Launch Event. If you would be interested in arranging a session, please email Paul. We look forward to hearing from you!

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