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Catsurveys team Managed a Solution for Weald Country Park

One of the many employee benefits at Catsurveys is that we offer our team the opportunity to complete one charity day out of the office each year, whilst still receiving a full day’s wage. This program is called ‘Give and Gain’, and it gives our staff the chance to give back to our local community.

Our Managed Solutions department volunteered at Weald Country Park, and Contracts Administrator Kerry Molloy gave us an account of their day:

"Once again Managed Solutions decided to take part in the Give and Gain day as a team and this year we were also joined by Jessie from the Accounts team. We feel that not only does the Give and Gain day give you an opportunity to give something back to your community but is also a great team building exercise.

We decided to return to Weald Country Park as it is the ideal place for a large group of volunteers. The park is vast, and we knew from our previous years’ experience that volunteers are much needed as there are only 3 park rangers employed to maintain a park of some 500 acres.

On a sunny August morning our 9-strong team arrived and after our briefing we were sent out to our first task of the day, removing ‘Ragwort’ from pasture land. Ragwort is an extremely poisonous plant that if eaten by cattle or horses can cause liver failure and despite its bitter taste they will still eat it! Unfortunately for us the only way of removing it is to pull or dig it out and that’s exactly what we did for the next 3 hours, filling quite a few truck loads and discovering our different fitness levels!


Time to refuel!

After a well-earned lunch break, we were all armed with bow saws and loppers and headed back into the park to a lake that had been drained and required the removal of all the vegetation. This was quite physically demanding but despite this and all the nettle stings we worked as a team and got the job done.

It was a great day and as returning volunteers we felt that a great relationship is being built between Catsurveys and the staff at South Weald and that our efforts are really appreciated.”

It is clear to see that from Kerry’s account of the day that their participation in the ‘Give and Gain’ program has offered much more than an opportunity to help our local community. By giving a little of our time, we are gaining a tremendous amount of positivity; ensuring our staff work well as a team and bring that sense of achievement back to the Catsurveys office. Well done to the Managed Solutions team that participated in this ‘Give and Gain’ day at Weald Country Park.

If you would like to find out more about the 'Give and Gain' program, visit the Business in the Community website here.

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