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National Work Life Week

Flexible working is something that many candidates look for when searching for a career; and it is something that we are proud to offer here at Catsurveys. Ensuring our staff have the right work/life balance is crucial for them as well as for the company. We encourage healthy and sustainable ways of working.

This week is National Work Life Week, and we are looking at the benefits of offering flexible working to staff. The week is run by Working Families, the UK’s work life balance charity, and the charity’s Scottish arm, Family Friendly Working Scotland.

How has flexible working has helped our staff?

There are 13 million working mothers and fathers in the UK, which equates to a third of the workforce. With these statistics, it is surprising that flexible working isn’t more of a common occurrence.

Our HR Manager, Michelle Ball, has benefited from our flexible working policy and the support that we offer to our staff;

“As a working mother to 3 boys, the option to work flexibly is an absolute godsend! I can work remotely or change my working hours to suit any commitments my boys have, without getting behind on my work, or losing out on a day’s pay.” Explains Michelle

“As the world of work is constantly evolving, I am proud to be working for an innovative and forward-thinking company that realises juggling a family with work doesn’t always work with the standard ‘9-5’ anymore! It is great to have so many options available to us so that as a working mum I no longer feel as if I am being penalised or disadvantaged by having family commitments outside of work.”

By offering flexible working to our staff, their overall wellbeing is improved, and they are more motivated and productive. It’s a win/win situation!


National Work Life Week provides an opportunity for companies to show how they do things differently, and help create work that works for families, people and the economy. You can find out more about National Work Life Week on the Working Families website by clicking here.

Want to work with us?

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