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Responsible Business Manager, Nick Spenceley named FIR Ambassador

We are proud to announce that our Responsible Business Manager, Nick Spenceley, has been elected as a FIR Ambassador at Catsurveys. This is an important step towards maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment within our organisation, and ensuring we are always providing a positive workplace for our team.

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect in Construction

A FIR Ambassador is responsible for promoting a Fair, Inclusive and Respectful culture within the construction industry. At Catsurveys we support these values and work hard to achieve and maintain a happy and healthy workforce.

The scheme, which is managed and delivered by the Supply Chain Sustainability School and design lead CECA, encourages key personnel within an organisation to become a FIR Ambassador and promote Fairness, Inclusion and Respect within the workplace. Achieving an inclusive culture across the construction industry is key to ensuring our employees are supported to do the very best job they can.

“It’s imperative for any business to be successful that it treats its employees as individuals and creates an inclusive and fair working environment." Explains Nick. "In doing so will allow them to succeed whilst respecting others within the business Team and wider supply chain.“


The role of a FIR Ambassador

Nick has many responsibilities as a FIR Ambassador, and helping to create an open, positive and inclusive work environment is one of them. It is important for us as a company to ensure that our employees are comfortable and feel positive about their work, particularly as our employees are our greatest strength.

We work together with our team to ensure we maintain open communication channels, so our staff feel that they can discuss anything. If any of our team are unhappy, it is important to Catsurveys that we address this and hep to solve any issues they may be experiencing.

A team to be proud of

Catsurveys were recently shortlisted for Employer of the Year at the SME National Business Awards 2018. Being finalists in this category awards us the recognition of the work we do for our employees to ensure they enjoy their careers at Catsurveys. Our values are a core part of the culture at Catsurveys, and we work hard with our team to follow these:

  • Our people are our greatest strength
  • Trust in each other
  • Always act with respect and integrity

We invest in the development of our teams’ knowledge skills and abilities to ensure they are continually growing and solidifying their careers. As Catsurveys continues to grow, we are bringing in new talent from different and diverse background to enhance our workforce with different perspectives and career experiences.

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