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We are an official Supporter of Mates in Mind!

We are delighted to announce that Catsurveys have become an official Supporter of Mates in Mind. As a Supporter of Mates in Mind, we are showing our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our workforce.

Who are Mates in Mind?

Mates in Mind are a registered charity that aims to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing in the UK construction industry.

The charity is led by and for the industry in partnership with the Health in Construction Leadership Group and British Safety Council, as well as with other leading organisations and charities such as Mind, Samaritans and Mental Health First Aid England.

Their goal is to reach 100,000 workers in their first year and by 2025 to have reached 75% of the construction industry. Every person within the construction industry that supports Mates in Mind brings them one step closer to achieving this ambitious target.

Showing our support

Now we have named Mates in Mind as our chosen charity, we are working on fundraising ideas for 2019!

The plan is to hold quarterly fundraising events that will coincide with ‘Mental Health and Well-being’ events arranged by our Emotional and Psychological Champion, Jodi Turpin.

“I really want to open up discussions around mental health, so it is important to me that we normalise the conversation as much as possible.” Explains Jodi.

“I have a lot of exciting ideas to not only raise money for Mates in Mind, but also promote positive mental health and well-being for the Catsurveys team. Watch this space!”

You will also have seen on our blog in February that we launched a new Health, Safety and Well-being (HSW) initiative known to our team as the ‘Catsurveys HSW Golf Challenge’. Each challenge will have 18 holes, and if those 18 holes are successfully completed, we will donate £20 to Mates in Mind.

There will be a total of 72 holes in the Catsurveys HSW Golf Challenge, so if all these holes are successfully completed that will result in a £360 total donation to Mates in Mind!

The possibilities are endless

We donated our first £1,000.00 to Mates in Mind on 18th April, when Jodi and Michelle visited their office in London. But it doesn't stop there... We are looking forward to developing some fantastic campaigns with Mates in Mind, not only to raise funds but to raise awareness.

You can find out more about Mates in Mind and the fantastic work they do by clicking here.

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