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Overwhelming demand calls for dedicated GPR Department

It is well known within the industry that Ground Penetrating Radar is one of the most cost effective and reliable non-destructive testing methods available. In the past, software used after the survey data has been collected could take a significant amount of time to process. However, our desire for innovation has included testing of new platforms and an introduction of brand new software. This means Catsurveys can process data in record-time, making the process more efficient and providing a higher level of quality. To demonstrate this, our GPR Department offer live screen sharing opportunities directly with clients.

Due to overwhelming demand of our state-of-the-art technology and reliable GPR survey results, Catsurveys have formed a dedicated GPR department! With this new department, we can confidently accept the steady flow of GPR survey requirements that are coming our way, whilst still ensuring the work is completed to the Catsurveys standard.


More resources, more services

Our GPR Department offers a wide range of surveying and consultancy services to Local Authorities, Civil Engineering, Building Contractors, Major Utility Providers and the Aviation Industry. We carry out small to large scale surveys and can incorporate all data to produce models, reporting and achieve industry specifications.

“Our GPR Department has been created to focus and expand on the possibilities of the technique.” Explains Paul Collins, GPR Manager. “We have a great team of enthusiastic surveyors that are expanding our services to include utility, pavement, bridge deck and internal applications to meet our client’s needs. I am delighted to be part of the Department and look forward to seeing its success.”

Thank you to our customers, new and existing, that have trusted in our company mission and reputation. The positive feedback and loyalty from clients has enabled us to expand as a business and continue to grow successfully. The new GPR team are extremely excited for the future of the department!

If you are interested in the surveying services we offer, or would like to discuss a possible solution, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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