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Today is World Values Day!

You may have heard that today is World Values Day! This day gives us a great opportunity to think about our core values and act on them. Catsurveys have five key values that align our outlook and behaviours within the company; as well as helping our team to work towards the same goal.

1. We never compromise on Safety

At Catsurveys, we are proud to prioritise Safety through our actions and performance. If we can’t work safely, we will not work at all. Safety is an integral part of every decision that we make and by promoting this within our team ensures that a positive health and safety culture is maintained.

In recognition of our Safety practices, earlier this year we achieved a Silver in the internationally-renowned RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, the longest-running industry awards scheme in the UK.

2. Our People are our greatest strength

We ensure that we support our people by helping them to flourish and fulfil their potential within a positive environment. As you will know, we were recently accredited as an Investors in People organisation at the Silver award level. Catsurveys is a business that genuinely engages with and invests in its team; it is our team that make the difference.


3. Trust in each other

At Catsurveys, we are actively promoting an environment whereby employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions without the fear of harsh judgement and repercussions. To boost this positive environment, earlier this year we nominated a member of staff that is known as the ‘Emotional and Psychological Champion’.

Our aim for the Emotional and Psychological Champion was to have someone who feels passionately about empowering their peers and to normalise the discussions surrounding mental health. By creating this role within our organisation, we can contribute towards an emotionally and intellectually safe environment in which our team can trust in each other.

4. Always act with Respect and Integrity

We will always adopt the right attitude, do the right thing and treat others with due respect. Our Responsible Business Manager, Nick Spenceley is our nominated FIR Ambassador at Catsurveys. A FIR Ambassador is responsible for promoting a Fair, Inclusive and Respectful culture within the construction industry. At Catsurveys we support this ethos and work hard to achieve and maintain a happy and healthy workforce.


5. Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement

We will always find the best solution to the problem to ensure we delight the customer. We work hard to deliver continuous improvement through lessons learned, improvements and the right technologies. After all, our company Vision is ‘To delight every customer by combining our passion with technology to deliver quick turnaround, world class utility surveys.’

Living our Values

The power of values can be harnessed to achieve key aims and objectives by understanding what they are and how they drive behaviours and actions throughout the company. Our values can also help us to address and overcome whatever challenges stand in the way.

Michelle Ball, HR Manager at Catsurveys commented that “A lot of organisations claim they are ‘values based’ and that they ‘live their values’ but here at Catsurveys we truly do, I am extremely proud to say that I am a part of it!”

Our values are the core of who we are as a business. They are our motivators, our drivers, the passion in our hearts and the reason why we do the things we do. World Values Day challenges us to think about our values and ensure that we are staying true to them. They are the glue that binds our team together.

How will you be celebrating on World Values Day?

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