Catsurveys has worked hard to ensure that the health and wellbeing of all our employees, customers and the general public is safeguarded as we continue to provide services throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. This includes:

  1.  Enabling all staff to work remotely where possible
  2.  COVID-19 specific PPE and signage for all site based teams
  3.  COVID-19 specific hygiene procedures implemented across the business
  4.  Amended office layout and working procedures in place for office based staff
  5.  All fleet vehicles are now single occupancy
  6.  COVID-19 specific risk assessments a standard part of company RAMS and dynamic risk assessment processes
  7.  COVID-19 secure risk assessment carried out for every Catsurveys employee

This has enabled Catsurveys to continue operations supporting our customers to provide critical infrastructure projects across the United Kingdom.