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Catsurveys is an award winning, multi-disciplined company specialising in underground utility detection and feasibility design. We offer intelligent surveying and consultancy services to the infrastructure industry.

We are Catsurveys experienced innovative trusted specialists in underground utility detection.

Who we are...

Catsurveys provides a wide range of intelligent survey solutions for the infrastructure industry. Our services include our Underground Utility Detection Surveys, Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar, Topographic Surveys and Gyroscopic Mapping. We also provide a range of Geomatics and Geotechnical consultancy and have an extensive Small Works Survey department which conducts large volume feasibility studies. If you have any questions about a survey, then speak to a member of our team.

Our commitment to safety
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Award Winning Service

With multiple national and international awards under our belt, our reliability, innovation and quality are second to none. From start to finish, your survey will be managed by one of our experienced Project team. We maintain the highest level of controls to ensure you get exactly what you need, on-time and on budget. See our services.


Nationwide Reach

Headquartered in Essex, our team work throughout the country delivering our world class service. We also work in hard to reach areas including the Highlands. Catsurveys is continuously pushing the limits within the industry by combining the best technology with advanced methods which help to improve safety. Find out more about us.


Investing in People

Catsurveys attracts the best people in the business and have grown to become the employer of choice. Our people are critical to our continued success. We are industry leaders in providing responsible and safe programmes which give our clients the peace of mind before they start works. If you have what it takes to be the best, then apply to join our team.


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Industry News From Our Blog

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey – Graves Discovered in King Henry I Archaeology dig

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology is being used in the search for King Henry I grave, and Archaeologists have announced that they have discovered 3 graves in the eastern end of the medieval abbey church, beneath what is now the tarmacked Ministry of Justice car park. The discovery has been described as a “significant next step” with strong possibilities that one of them could be the resting place of the medieval King Henry I, the 4th son of William the Conqueror.

World’s Hottest Borehole in Iceland is near completion!

Exciting news has hit the headlines as Geologists say they are now near to drilling into the middle of a volcano in the South-West of Iceland, meaning this will become the hottest borehole in the world. Geologists have announced to the BBC that they will continue to drill until they reach a depth of 5km, which will be in the next couple of weeks, in time for the end of the year. Temperatures are expected to reach a scorching 500C (932F), which is generated from the Earth’s inner heat. This will be hottest borehole ever drilled to date.

CATSURVEYS Christmas Jumper Day 2016

CATSURVEYS are joining in with Christmas Jumper Day, a day when we get together, put on our silly knits and generously donate to ‘Save the Children’. Monies raised by CATSURVEYS Group goes towards solving some very serious problems around the world and saving children’s lives.